The Handmaid’s Tale: Episode Six

In June’s brief lapse of delusion after getting knocked out from the bombs and hearing Moira’s voice, her mind wanders to a time pre-Gilead when her and Moira were drinking mimosas during a snowstorm. Its a glimpse of what may seem like a meaningless moment in time, but it was one that reminds June of the time she spent with Moira, and that little moments like that is what she thinks of when it comes to their friendship. She breaks out of this memory, though, as Moira continues to call out her name. Back in reality, June, clearly concussed, doesn’t believe that the person in front of her is actually Moira, and continues to call out for Janine. Moira pleads with her to get herself checked, and that if Janine would be anywhere, it would be the medical tent.

They take a truck to the area, and it is during that journey that June finally realizes that it is in fact Moira sitting next to her. She begins to get angry, telling her that she shouldn’t be here, but Moira tells her that she came to find her, and she did. Now, they must leave before the next round of bombs come. Moira tries to convince June that she has to come with her on the boat, that she has to leave Gilead. June stubbornly refuses, she won’t leave without Janine, and without her daughter Hannah. Moira continues to beg for her to come with her, at least for her baby daughter. That finally convinces June and they run to the boat. Moira hides her in a closet as they leave before a crowd of people overtake the fence surrounding the boat yard.

We flashback to June and Moira again, as June is packing up the apartment to move in with Luke. Moira is upset, and doesn’t want June to marry him because of what he did to his past wife (left her when she couldn’t reproduce, which sounds very Gilead-y).

Returning to the boat, Moira’s girlfriend is apologizing to her for not being able to bring June. That is when Moira reveals she snuck her onto the boat, and her girlfriend is upset about that. The crew then talk about options of what to do with her. Do they turn her in? Sneak her through port inspection? June tells them to turn her in, but as the inspectors approach, Moira’s girlfriend decides not to, and tells her crew make her an ID so they can sneak her into Canada. The plan works, even with June freezing up a bit, and the inspectors allow them to continue forward into Canadian waters.

Continuing the flashback, what Moira had said has struck a chord with June. As her and Luke move into their new place, she asks him about his other marriage and the situation with having kids. He doesn’t let any red flags slip, even when she asks him that what if she’s a disappointment or becomes a different person. He replies, “I’ll just love whoever you turn out to be.”

In present day, the boat makes its way towards Canada. June overhears an argument that Moira and her girlfriend are having about the decision Moira forced her to make. This causes June to decide to take a lifeboat and go back to Gilead, but Moira comes up to stop her. June tells her she wants to go back to save Hannah, because when she had seen her last, she didn’t recognize her, and was scared of her. June also fears that she cannot face Luke without having Hannah with her, because it was her job to protect her. Moira tells her that Luke will understand and embraces her friend to comfort her.

We go back to the flashback, as June tells Luke on the street in front of their apartment that she’s pregnant. We then see a montage of them raising Hannah as she gets older. The flashback ends, and June is on the boat as they arrive in the harbor. Moira heads off the boat, and not long after, someone is running on the boat towards where June is. It’s Luke. When he lays his eyes on June, a range of emotions wash over his face. They both are silent, unable to say anything. But then June breaks that silence, telling him, “I’m sorry I don’t have her, I’m sorry it’s just me.” She begins to cry and Luke steps forward and wraps his arms around her, telling her it’s ok that it is just her.

After this moment of reconnection, he leads her to get off the boat. She walks down the plank and takes a breath as she steps onto Canadian land, free at last from the oppressive system she had survived through for years. It is a new beginning for June Osborne.

Isabel Maina

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