Pitch (2016)

Kylie Bunbury was a relative newcomer when, in 2016, the show Pitch premiered on FOX. She was the lead of this show, which was about a woman breaking gender barriers and playing in the MLB as a pitcher. As a baseball fan, I was instantly intrigued by it. Especially since as a young kid, I played baseball, not softball, and was one of the three or four girls in my town’s little league. I wanted to play with the boys, and so did Bunbury’s character Ginny Baker.

Unfortunately, even though critics and audiences loved the show, the ratings weren’t as grand. In 2017, FOX decided to cancel the series after its 10-episode first season run. It was heartbreaking, really, because it was such a special show that explored the intersection of gender and race in a setting that is very much a boy’s club. Male sport settings in general can be very sexist, misogynistic, and filled with language and actions that perpetuate the harassment and abuse of women, as well as rape culture. With Ginny Baker, we were able to see how stoic a woman can be when faced with this, but we also saw the vulnerability and defeat that constant beratement can expose. In another character, Ali Larter’s Amelia Slater, we also saw what it was like to be a woman in charge. She was on the managerial/logistical side of things when it came to baseball, and we were able to see her navigate that in relation to Ginny and on-and-off lover Oscar Arguella, played by Mark Consuelos.

There was something very special about Pitch. The critics saw it, the audience saw it. But, unfortunately, it’s hard to keep a show on air when not enough people are watching it. Hopefully, people will continue to discover it as the gem of a show it is. We may have only gotten one season, but what a season it was. There could have been so many more stories told, but I’m content that the stories that were told in those ten episodes were shared.

Since the show ended, Bunbury has gone on to star in such shows like When They See Us, The Twilight Zone, and Big Sky. We surely haven’t seen the last of her, but it’s still so sad that we won’t see her as Ginny Baker again.

You can watch Pitch on Hulu. Just know that once it’s over, it’s over, and you’ll be just like the rest of us–wanting more.

Isabel Maina

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