Batwoman Season 3, Episode 4 Recap: Something Wicked This Way Comes

A seemingly frozen woman wakes up, only able to move her eyes. Yet, she still makes the attempt to stand up from the couch she’s sitting on, but that most simple movement causes her to break into a thousand pieces. Across from her, a man with a hat sits inspecting this failed attempt to reanimate someone who has been frozen. He only has twenty-four hours until his deadline to succeed at this experiment, so who will be next?

We transition to Mary, who we had last seen being taken by Poison Ivy. She is now sitting on a bench, passed out, in the middle of the woods. The ivy begins to recede, and our beloved Bat Team doctor slowly wakes, very confused about where she is and what happened. She pulls a thorn out from her arm, which doesn’t seem like a good sign.

Elsewhere, Ryan and Luke walk steadfast into Ryan and Mary’s apartment because something special has arrived. Ryan takes it out of its packaging, and it is a framed article detailing that Ryan is in Gotham’s 30 Under 30 List, which she got on with help from her brother Marquis. Now, she has to attend an event for this so reporters aren’t crawling around Wayne Tower to get answers from her about her relationship with him. Ryan mentions to Luke that Sophie will be there too because her sister is on the list, but before Luke can add to that, Mary runs in, exasperated. She starts to say how she thinks she spent the night on a bench in Gotham park, but Luke interjects, saying he doesn’t really care. He tells Ryan he’s heading out, and leaves the two women alone. Ryan tells Mary that he’ll come around, and that he just wants them to know they can depend on him, even with his PTSD. And regarding Mary’s story, Ryan says they’ll have to walk and talk because she has a busy day. Mary tells her they can table the conversation for later because she needs an active listener. So, Ryan proposes happy hour talk, but you can tell Mary isn’t happy that she isn’t being taken seriously.

At Arkham, Alice wakes up, still feeling the bugs under her skin. She tries to calm herself down when the door opens and one of the guards brings in mail for her. Alice uses this as a possible way to escape and knocks him out and cries for help. Another guard comes over but won’t listen to her rambles, telling her there’s no one there. Alice looks behind her and sees the guard on the floor, but when she wipes her eyes, he is no more. She bangs on the door again and demands that the guard have her see Renee Montoya.

Ryan is on the red carpet at the event, all glammed up and looking gorgeous as always, when Marquis comes over and attempts to get in to take pictures, but Ryan denies it. He follows her off the carpet, where they get cornered by a photographer wanting to take a picture of them, so she gives in. She’s trying to avoid him in fear of what Jada Jett might do, but he wants to spend more time with her. Luckily, Ryan is saved by the bell–or phone call, rather–and Marquis steps away to answer it.

In another part of the event hall, Sophie and her sister Jordan are standing by a cocktail table talking. Jordan is telling her how she’s giving a speech and wants to quadruple donations for the community center in that speech and has no idea how to do it. Sophie, however, is distracted by Ryan. She confides in her sister and tells her that she had a dream about her where she was sick in bed and Ryan brought her soup. Jordan can immediately tell that Sophie has developed a crush on Wayne Enterprises’ CEO. Sophie looks back at Ryan, to which Jordan has to tell her, “You’re staring again.” Flushed, Sophie leaves to sort out her head. In the meantime, a man comes over and tells Jordan that they’re ready for her interview. Jordan tells him that she needs to find her publicist first, but the man tells her it won’t be necessary. It is at that moment that we see it is the same man who had been doing that experiment earlier on, and Jordan is in trouble.

Someone else who is causing trouble is Jada Jet. She’s in her office and sees a picture of Ryan and Marquis from the event and gets so enraged that she gives a “scoop” to Vesper to help him make some noise. What that scoop may be, who knows, but it definitely won’t be good for Ryan.

Unable to talk to either of her Bat team cohorts, Mary keeps busy at her clinic, where she has the added responsibility of looking after Alice, who was dropped off there by Montoya. Alice had given Montoya a fake story of an item the Bat team was looking for, and she believed the lie. Mary asks her why she’s playing hooky from Arkham, and Alice feeds another lie that she’s here to help Batwoman, and asks Mary what they’re looking for right now. Mary tells her that something else came up so they’ll “get back to Renee’s treasure hunt tomorrow.” They agree not to tell Montoya of Alice’s truancy so she can have a day free from the cage she’s been put in.

Back at the event, Ryan is giving interviews, when Marquis comes over, now wearing a hat, telling her he’s going incognito for her to make the press wonder who he is. Ryan, however, still wants nothing to do with him. Sophie then comes over and asks Ryan if she’s seen Jordan because she’s late for an interview and her phone is off. Marquis takes this opportunity to introduce himself to her as Ryan’s brother, but when Sophie introduces herself, she stumbles–”I’m Ryan’s…” and Ryan jumps in to finish that sentence with, “very good friend who needs help finding her sister.” Ryan’s publicist cuts in and asks if they can push this off until after the Gazette interview, but Ryan says no, Sophie comes first.

In the Bat Cave, Luke is working on his suit, attempting to reboot the helmet and get his dad’s AI voice back. He starts talking to the helmet, asking the response-less artifact if it’s about the failsafe, that it was a malfunction. He tells the helmet: “My suit, my decision.” Ryan then comes in over walkie and tells him that Sophie’s sister is missing as she finds her phone on the ground. Luke goes to his computers and says the outside cameras haven’t gotten her so she’s probably still in the building. Marquis runs over and says that he heard she was spotted upstairs in the hotel and that a man brought her to room 1620. So, Sophie and Ryan run up to the room and slam the door open and see Jordan frozen on the couch. Ryan looks at the equipment around her, recognizes it, and tells Sophie that it looks like Mr. Freeze’s design. Sophie, overcome with emotion and worry for her sister, says she can handle it and move her, but Ryan stops her, telling her she can’t do that yet for her safety. She tells her very good friend that they’ll figure this out, together.

They ultimately are able to transport Jordan to Mary’s lab safely, and Mary tells her friends that whatever happens in the cryochamber is actually happening in Jordan’s cells. “Want me to go to the store for a hair dryer?” Alice jokes. Mary just continues, telling them that she thinks if they can get a sample of this serum then she might be able to figure out a way to help her. Alice comes up to them, Jordan’s phone in hand, which Sophie immediately takes from her. Alice tells them they should thank her for having it, because she figured out who kidnapped and did this to her–The Black Glove Society. They apparently rule the city in the shadows and want to live forever.

Sophie looks at her sister’s phone and says that Alice is right. Jordan and her friends were looking into this society, and Jordan was going to use her speech at the Gotham 30 Under 30 event to unmask the society and shut it down. Sophie looks at her sister, asking her why she didn’t tell her about this, to which Alice says that she’s “Agent Play-It-Safe” and her sister probably didn’t want her to worry. Sophie then notices water dripping from Jordan’s finger and yells to Mary that she doesn’t think her temperature is stable. Mary quickly comes over and takes her temperature, and it seems like the formula is starting to break down in her body. Sophie tells Alice to come with her to search Jordan’s apartment for possible answers and solutions to this.

Luke gets Sophie’s info on the society that she found on Jordan’s phone, but he can’t find anything else about them. He informs Ryan of that, who is still at the event. She asks him about her friends she was texting, and apparently they all went dark. Ryan then notices the coroner taking someone out of the hotel in pieces, and she tells Luke she’s going to go back up and see if she can find anyone else. Luke questions if she had eyes on Marquis when Jordan went missing, because the Black Glove Society is big money, and he would fit perfectly in the crowd. And as if he heard himself being talked about, Marquis comes over and asks Ryan if they found Jordan. “Yeah, right where you said she’d be,” Ryan says. She pushes and asks how he had found that out. He tells her he knows a girl at the front desk and she asked around for him, and one of the housekeepers apparently saw a girl being led into the room by an older guy. Marquis, upset, tells Ryan it sounds like she’s accusing him. All he wanted was to get to know her, be siblings, and have each other’s backs. “But I guess not,” he says angrily, and walks away.

Ryan’s publicist then comes over and has her look at the TV, which is showing Wayne Enterprises’ stock going down significantly. The publicist tells Ryan that Vesper Fairchild broke the scoop that the CEO of Wayne Enterprises has been funneling tens of millions of dollars into secret accounts for her own use. It doesn’t take Ryan long to figure out that Jada is behind this. Ryan tells him that she’ll take care of it later, but her publicist warns her that if this doesn’t get sorted out, she’ll be arrested.

Back in the hotel room where she and Sophie had found Jordan, Ryan asks Luke about the missing money, and he verifies that it is true, rhetorically asking her if she can think of any operations that are extremely expensive, secretive, and can only be authorized by the CEO of Wayne Enterprises. Yup, it seems like Jada Jet is beginning to uncover the connections between Batman, Batwoman, and Wayne Enterprises, even if she doesn’t know it yet. All Jada knows right now is that she can pin it on Ryan. The hotel room uncovers nothing that can help Jordan, so Luke taps into other hotel room cameras, but no other room has abnormal temperatures. Ryan tells him she’s looking at heating lamps, so maybe they were going to try thawing her. He then looks at the hotter rooms, and finds one. She enters the room, now dressed as Batwoman, and finds an ID–one that belongs to someone else from Jordan’s text group and the person that the coroners just wheeled out.

Sophie and Alice arrive at Jordan’s place and begin to look around for clues. While Alice is searching in one area of the apartment, her made up guard appears and she starts arguing with the vision to go away. Sophie comes in asking if she’s talking to someone, but Alice denies it and tells her to keep looking. The vision of the guard returns and continues talking to her and calls her Beth. That triggers a response for her to rid him for good, so she blinks and he disappears. As she continues to look around the room, she sees a vent and looks inside it, finding the hard copy information on the Black Glove Society. “That doesn’t belong to you,” a deep voice says behind her. A bunch of men, including the one with the black hat, are standing there as Alice turns around with the files. “I’m here for everything that was scanned into the girl’s phone,” he says. Alice, with no hesitation, hands everything over him as his goons come forward and start to fight Alice. Sophie comes in to help her but the two of them are quickly overpowered and knocked out.

Back at Mary’s lab, she’s lowered the temperatures in the room to keep Jordan cold. Luke calls her asking for an update on Jordan, and Mary tells him she’s trying to keep her stable but can’d do anything without a sample of the formula. Luke responds in an aggravated manner, telling her she had plenty of time to run every angle, run every test, and she still has nothing. But Mary then has an “a-ha” moment when she sees her plants on her desk–they synthesize to stay alive in the winter–she has to thaw Jordan from the inside, not the outside.

Alice and Sophie wake up, tied to chairs, and the apartment smelling like gasoline. Sophie then sees a toaster starting to burn on the counter, with gas-lit books leading directly to them. Sophie tells Alice the only reason those guys jumped her is because she was distracted by the made up person she had been talking to, confirming that Sophie knew something was off with her. Alice admits to her that she’s been having delusions, and that she thought it was only happening in Arkham, but it’s gotten worse and she doesn’t know what to do. Before they can continue this pretty rare conversation of vulnerability, the toaster catches fire and immediately ignites the books. The fire gets closer and closer, but right before it reaches them, they get frozen solid. They look up to see Batwoman standing there with the freeze gun. Sophie sighs in relief, her and Ryan looking at each other in a way that is different than they have before.

Returning to the clinic, Jordan is awake and on her way to healing completely, with Sophie by her side. Sophie tells her little sister that she wished she had told her about this, because she will always support her. Mary comes in and tells Sophie that it’ll take time for her to talk, but she’ll be okay. Ryan then takes Sophie’s hands and apologizes, because she had told her she’d handle this, but they still don’t know who these people are and what they’re doing with the serum. Sophie says that Jordan is okay, and that’s all that matters, and asks how she knew to come to the apartment. Ryan tells her that Luke figured out they were after the original documents that Jordan had on her phone, and they would have most likely been there.

Sophie then calls Mary over and takes them aside, and tells them that Alice disclosed to her that her psychosis is getting worse and she suspects the doctors at Arkham don’t care. Mary thinks that Arkham is the problem–they’re probably giving her meds that are making her worse. Alice overhears this conversation and cuts into it, saying that they should convince Montoya to keep her out and on full Batwoman duty. Ryan asks who would have that babysitting job, to which Sophie says, “Someone who sleeps with a gun under their pillow.”

Back at the Bat Cave, Luke reactivates the failsafe, and his father’s voice comes back, telling him that it’s not meant to run independent of the failsafe. Luke then asks the AI voice, “I’m not ready to wear the suit, am I?” The voice responds, “No, son, you’re not.”

At the bar, Marquis sits with Ryan, who asks him bluntly, “Jada wants Wayne Enterprises, doesn’t she?” He replies, saying that he’s signed multiple NDAs and can’t talk about it. Ryan then follows up by asking if the two of them could stand a chance against Jada if they pledged to work together, and he seems very inclined to do that.

And speaking of Jada Jet, we find her in her office with someone. She tells them, “It’s deadline day, my friend, what do you have for me.” It is then revealed that it is the Black Glove Society man! He presents a device with the formula that can safely freeze and unfreeze organic material and hands it over to her. He asks who she plans on using it on first, and she maniacally replies, “The time has come for my son Marquis to take his leave of absence.” DUN DUN DUNNNNN. Things are about to get crazy in Gotham.

Isabel Maina

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