A Discovery of Witches Season 3, Episode 2 Recap: Blood Rage, Family Ties, and Trust in Strangers

That mystery man at the end of the season three premiere? Well, at second glance, we now recognize it is Benjamin Fuch. He enters a church and walks up to a priest, who happens to be Father Hubbard. Benjamin is looking for who we can assume is Matthew, but Father Hubbard tells him that he hasn’t seen him.

Elsewhere, in the lab, Miriam and Chris tell Matthew and Diana that the cure for blood rage is years away and that they’ll need more time and more researchers to get it done. But, Matthew doesn’t want anyone else to work on this or know about it. They go to leave, and as they drive out of the parking lot, a car stops in front of them. Out steps Father Hubbard, who came to look for Matthew and Diana, as they had left something in his keeping. At that moment, another figure steps out of the car, and Diana’s face instantly recognizes who stands before them. It is their adopted son, Jack, who they had taken in when they traveled back through time.

At the safe house, Father Hubbard tells them how he had turned Jack into a vampire so he wouldn’t die of the plague. Diana then reveals how she had given the Father a drop of her blood to protect Jack, and it seems like he did just that. Matthew, however, is upset about all of this, and asks Father Hubbard to leave. Matthew and Diana then argue about what she just revealed, because Matthew is worried that Father Hubbard could have learned of Diana’s immense power by taking her blood, and learned of their secrets. Diana assures him that he did not, and that with this revelation, Matthew has another chance to be a father to Jack, especially since the twins will soon arrive.

In Italy, Peter Knox is on a mission to look for the missing pages of the Book of Life, and wants Satu to help him. Satu refuses, telling Peter that she owes him nothing and that he can’t control her anymore. She leaves him to grovel by his lonesome.

Returning to the safe house, Marcus finds Phoebe looking through research she and Diana had done in search for the missing pages. Phoebe believes that they were hidden in other books. She then gets more serious, and tells Marcus how Matthew was feeling guilty about Jack. Marcus comments that he’s a “sixth century patriarch,” to which Phoebe responds, “Well, Diana’s a twenty-first century witch. Something’s gonna have to change.”

Matthew goes to see Jack, who’s in a room drawing, and lets him know that he and Diana have to go to the university and that Gallowglass and Fernando will stay with him. Jack asks him why he didn’t want him to become a vampire, but Matthew avoids the question and just tells him that he’s glad he’s here and that they have a lot to catch up on. As he goes to leave the room, Jack says they can just start again with a clean slate. Matthew exits, and Jack goes back to the beginning of his drawing book, where we see—GASP—the portraits that had been stolen!! Does this mean that Jack is the blood rage vampire who has been on a killing rampage???

Before we can be completely certain about that, we cut to the lab, where Chris is telling Matthew and Diana that they need more samples. Just having Matthew, Marcus, and Ysabeau’s isn’t enough to conduct thorough research of blood rage. Miriam proposes that Marcus go to New Orleans, to which Chris asks what is in New Orleans. Matthew tells him that Marcus’ children are there. Chris then suggests that they use his students to help with the research, but Matthew firmly disagrees, because he doesn’t want their DNA falling into the wrong hands, especially since his father had been captured by the Germans during the war and was experimented on in the name of science. He (ignorantly) tells Chris that he has no idea what that is like and has no idea what “his kind” are capable of. Chris retorts, “I’m a Black man from Alabama. Believe me, I understand what humans are capable of.” After a brief moment of silence, Diana tells Matthew that it’s time for him to trust other people.

Back at the safe house, Jack is with Gallowglass in the garage working on motorcycles. Then, Baldwin walks in, looking for Matthew and Diana. Gallowglass tells him that he think’s they’re inside. Baldwin then takes notice of Jack and asks who he is. Jack introduces himself, and then Baldwin tells him to leave, as it’s “family only in this house.” Naturally, that infuriates Jack, since he is family. However, our instincts were right, and Jack is consumed by blood rage and attacks Baldwin, biting the back of his neck.

Upstairs, Matthew and Diana are talking in their bedroom about the Congregation and change when Matthew senses something is wrong. He walks downstairs with Diana following behind, and sees Baldwin dragging Jack in, yelling at Matthew to calm down his house guest. Baldwin then bites Jack and sees his memories of Matthew and Diana in the past, as well as ones of him murdering people—confirming that he is the blood rage vampire they have been looking for.

Before he can do much more, Diana steps forward with a ferocity only known from a mother, and uses her magic to have a lantern fall and twist its chain around Baldwin’s neck. “Take your hands off my son,” she snarls. Baldwin lets Jack go, and Matthew declares to him, “Jack belongs to us.” He then looks to Diana and asks her to release him from her spell. She does, allowing Baldwin to speak.

He tells them that he saw his memories, and that he is the blood raged killer, pulling out the photos Domenico had provided him. Matthew kneels before Baldwin and tells him that he had no knowledge of Jack’s blood rage. Baldwin looks down at him and tells him this could ruin their family, and that he needs to kill him. Fearing his death, Jack runs away. Diana turns to her husband, asking, “You aren’t gonna kill him. Are you?”

Matthew and Diana meet with Father Hubbard, who tells them that Jack had begged him not tell them. Father Hubbard than says that Benjamin Fuchs is his sire and had resurrected him. Diana asks him why he brought Jack to them now, then, to which he replies that Benjamin had come looking for him. He had made Jack kill when he was a young vampire and had taught him to torture and slaughter, telling him that that was how he could be like Matthew de Clermont’s son.

Back at the house, Diana tells Matthew he can’t kill Jack—that they need to find him and keep him safe until they find a cure for the blood rage. Matthew says that if the congregation finds out he is the killer, then they will kill him. Or, Benjamin or Baldwin will find him and kill him or do something worse. “To save Jack, I would have to disobey Baldwin, the head of my family. It’s insanity. This is a war we cannot win,” Matthew remarks. “A father protects his children,” Diana tells him. Then, Matthew begins to walk out, and Diana asks where he’s going. “To find Jack,” he replies.

Elsewhere in the house, Phoebe comes to see Marcus, who tells her that Matthew is out hunting Jack. “When a vampire shows signs of blood rage, they’re killed, by order of the Congregation.” He tells Phoebe that he lost a lot of his family because of that.

Matthew is out looking for Jack and can sense him near. He finds him in an underpass, where Jack pulls out the portraits. He tells Matthew that he had stolen them because it was all he could find of him. “When I realized I couldn’t control myself, I didn’t want to live anymore. But Philippe told me to wait for you.” Jack tells him that Philippe said Matthew would help him. Matthew tells him that he has done many things he’s regretted, and that would be considered wrong. “Things…change. Philippe was right about that.” They leave, together, and at the house, find Diana waiting on the doorstep for them. In the house, Jack is given new clothes by Fernando, and Gallowglass tells him that he has Diana, who will do anything for him. Jack leaves, and Fernando tells Gallowglass that he can’t voice his feelings for Diana to anyone, especially Matthew.

In Italy, Domenico goes to see Gerbert, who has the de Clermont family tree out from the archives. He asks Domenico if he sees anything wrong with it. He says no, and Gerbert says there’s something missing—they’ve hidden something they don’t want them to know. At that moment, to Domenico’s shock, Benjamin walks in. Gerbert tells them both that the de Clermont days are nearly over, and that it’s about time Matthew finds out who he’s dealing with.

Matthew and Diana sit on the floor by their bed, and Diana thanks Matthew for brining Jack home. Matthew tells her that he’s going to New Orleans to form a scion, and that he’ll be taking Jack and Marcus with him. But, before he goes, there’s something he needs to do, with Diana’s help.

They go to the university, where Chris is presenting the DNA samples to his students. It seems like Matthew is finally ready to trust others with his truth. Chris tells them they will be focusing on Chromosome 24, and specifically CC within that chromosome. A student asks what that is, and before he goes into explaining, Chris reminds them that they have all signed NDAs, because this is a secret, highly sensitive research project. Matthew then reveals that it stands for creature chromosome. He steps forward and tells the students that this is his DNA, and that he’s a vampire. He explains that all they know about them are myths, and that they’ve kept themselves hidden from humans because they’ve been hunted and vilified for so long, since people tend to fear what they don’t understand. He tells them that Miriam is also a vampire, and that his wife, Diana, is a witch. Chris then asks his students if they have any questions, and every single one of them raise their hands.

At the house, Phoebe goes into Marcus’ room and asks him how many of his children are in New Orleans for them to convince forming the scion with. He tells her that there’s five out of twenty left, but there’s also their children. He promises her that this is something they have to do, and he will be fine. Later in the day, him, Matthew, and Jack get in the car to leave for the airport as Diana and Sarah watch them go.

In the airport, Matthew asks for Marcus’ support and that he knows it won’t be easy for him. “Find a cure for blood rage, fight to repeal the Covenant, defy the Congregation which upholds injustice and form a scion so we can live freely without Baldwin breathing down our necks,” and then, Marcus says, he’ll forgive him and be the first to offer his allegiance. Suddenly, Matthew’s phone rings and he answers. It’s Benjamin, who tells him to check his email. Matthew goes to his computer and plays a video in the email he sent. It’s a video of Jack with Benjamin in a car, where there’s a couple held hostage in the back. Benjamin incites anger within Jack, therefore igniting the blood rage. He gets out of the car, leaving Jack in there to kill the two terrified people in the backseat. Matthew, anger flowing through every vein, asks Benjamin what he wants. Benjamin replies eerily, “The whole family together. You, me, Jack…Diana.” Will Matthew still go to New Orleans or will he stay with Diana in case Benjamin tries to do something? Whatever he decides, there are threats coming from multiple directions—threats that are sure to cause pain and heartbreak for our characters in the coming episodes.

Isabel Maina

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