Fear the Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 2 Recap: Oh, Baby, There’s Not Much Time Left

Morgan and Grace are brand new parents, and definitely feeling the not so nice parts of it, especially since there is no food to feed a crying, hungry baby. So, Grace goes out of the submarine that they now call home in a full hazmat suit and mask in search for something. The sky is a deep orange yellow, signaling that they’re in a highly radioactive zone. She entered a store and finds fresh blood inside—meaning someone has recently been here. She begins to check the food to see if there’s anything that hasn’t been contaminated but suddenly hears people coming closer. She goes to hide and pulls a shelf down to cover her, creating a loud bang that causes the people to come over to the area she’s in. Luckily, they don’t find her and leave. Moments later, Grace exits the store and not caring if she gets robbed or killed, screams, “I’m right here!” She starts to cry and yells again into the empty world around her that she doesn’t want to be here anymore. She has been through a lot, and it seems like she is losing hope, and losing the will to survive. Yet, she begins her walk back to the submarine.

At the submarine, Morgan tries to feed the baby with the food they have, but she won’t take it because it’s solid and she’s unable to eat or digest that yet. Morgan tells Grace that it’s his turn to go out there and find something, but Grace says that she’ll go. Morgan firmly disagrees, because she had told him that they each could only be out there for only six hours due to the weather patterns bringing in more radiation.

Grace attempts to stop the baby from crying, but is unable to until she puts her in her bed and gets a radio to play music. She then falls asleep next to the baby. She then wakes up with Morgan having just gotten back from a trip outside. Grace asks him if he found any formula, and he replies that he hasn’t, but that he’s been working on something.

He brings her, the baby, and dog outside, where he has a car that he’s built to protect them from the radiation outside, and even has made extra protection for the baby. He thinks that he can get them out of there to a safer area, because he knows Grace is unhappy here. So, they collect all of their things and head out on the road. As they’re driving, Grace mentions how it will get worse before it gets better. They drive through a town that is still heavily filled with radiation, and a song begins to play that Grace doesn’t want to hear. She begin to have a bit of a panic attack while trying to get it to stop, causing Morgan to lose control of the car and crash.

They exit the car and see that the tire is turned off the axle, but Morgan believes he saw an auto body shop and can fix it. Grace tells him they only have thirty minutes to spare, and takes off her mask and says she’ll get it ready for them and that him and the baby will go forward without her. Morgan doesn’t want to leave her behind because he knows she’ll die out here on her own, but she tells him that she’s okay with that. Before they can discuss this any further, however, two people emerge from the darkness with guns, yelling that the baby in the car is theirs, and take her, Morgan and Grace hostage in the auto body shop so they can fix the car for them to take the baby and go.

The baby is crying incessantly as Grace whispers to Morgan that these people may have been exposed a lot more than they have. Morgan begins to fix the tire on the car, and Grace tells him that she’s not leaving them now, not with this situation that arose. Meanwhile, the two people are freaking out while walkers begin to gather at the garage door. Grace plays the music for the baby which helps her to stop crying, and starts talking to the woman, who introduces herself as Bea and says that the man with her is her husband, Fred. They had lived in this town before the missiles dropped. Grace tells her that they can come with them in the car to safety, to which Bea asks, “You’re going to Padre too?” But, Grace has no idea what that is.

Bea and Fred put their things in the car, and Morgan asks them for his and Grace’s masks if they’re going to strand them in this town. As Fred reaches for them, however, Morgan overpowers him and takes his gun. But, that doesn’t stop them from driving off. Morgan shoots at the car and is able to stop it, saying he doesn’t want to lose another child. “I lost a child too!” Grace yells at him. But, Morgan is focused on the couple in the car, and is able to get to them and pull them out, but Fred escapes with the baby, so Grace chases after him.

There really isn’t anywhere to escape too, though, so the four of them end up in another building to shield themselves from the radiation outside. Bea asks Morgan where they were taking the baby, and he tells her they were going past the fallout. Fred says they tried to do that, but that’s how they ended up disfigured. Morgan asks the same question to them, and they point to an area on the map in the building called Padre. Grace says tells the couple they can come back with her and Morgan to the submarine first to get supplies. They begin to fix the car, and Morgan asks how much time they have before the radiation starts to have an affect on them. She tells him they need to go back to the submarine, because they’ve used half the gas. But Morgan says it’s now or never because of that. Morgan yells out to the couple and asks them what Padre is, while Grace is telling him that he’s scared he might not be able to build the future he wants to build. Suddenly, they hear an engine in the distance and a car approaches them, its high beams clicked on to flood Morgan, Grace, and the couple with light.

Morgan gets his gun as someone exits the car, dressed in a strange outfit. Morgan shoots at the person but they keep walking towards him. He shoots them two more times and they drop to the ground. At that moment, the baby starts crying as Fred is about to kill her. It turns out that the suitcase him and Bea were dragging along had the walker-fied corpse of their baby and they were trying to replace it with Morgan and Grace’s baby. Morgan kills the walker baby, while Grace shoots at Fred and takes their baby and starts to sing to stop her from crying. Morgan takes their car and honks the horn, crashing into the walkers as they explode. It is only then that the other car leaves, and the person Morgan had shot is no longer laying there on the ground.

Morgan and Grace take their car and leave Bea behind. Morgan apologizes to Grace for almost getting them killed and that he should’ve listened to her. Grace tells him that he didn’t fail either her or the baby. He responds by telling her that maybe it’s okay they’re all a bit broken, and that the baby they have now is not replacing the baby Grace and he lost.

Back on the submarine, trouble seems to find them again. Armed people take over, one of whom takes of their masks and we see that it’s Howard from Strand’s tower. He knows who Morgan and Grace are, and tell them that Victor is still alive. He then invites Grace to the tower, but not Morgan. But, Grace does not accept that invitation, because she knows what Victor had done to Morgan. Morgan proposes they take the baby, but Grace refuses, saying that her and the baby are staying. So, the scouts leave, and Morgan and Grace find that their pantry has been wiped clean of the remaining food they had left. Grace, like us, are confused, though. Because if they weren’t the ones in the town, who was it? They look over at Mo the baby, and she starts crawling on the floor. At that moment, they realize that there is something underneath it. They find a latch and open a door to a pot of gold—powdered milk.

Elsewhere, the car who had made a strange appearance in the town stops and a person exits. A man sits down at a fire, opens a box that says “Morgan Jones,” and removes a head—the head of the bounty hunter sent to kill Morgan, who he had killed instead and sent to Virginia. This must be the brother of the bounty hunter, and he seems hellbent on revenge.

Isabel Maina

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