Batwoman Season 3, Episode 3: Ice, Ice Baby

A man sprints down the street, trying to catch the bus, but just misses it. However, he gets lucky, because on the bus, a kid is playing with something that looks like one of the missing Bat Cave items, and suddenly the bus comes to a screeching halt, having frozen over.

Meanwhile, Ryan goes to see Jada Jet, who apologizes that they couldn’t finish their conversation the night before and commends her for the life she’s built for herself. Ryan tells her she has no judgement against her, but her birth mother makes it clear that she’s not interested in having a relationship with her. Ryan asks her, “Why have me and then cover it up?” Jada doesn’t provide her an answer, and before Ryan can inquire any further, a man comes in who turns out to be Jada’s son Marquis, who is an influencer and Executive Vice President of the company. With that, Ryan takes her leave, not having expected this.

She walks into Wayne Enterprises with Sophie, who apologizes to her for not saying that Jada had a son. Sophie asks her what she’s going to do about her mom, but Ryan just says she’s going to work on getting Mr. Freeze’s liquid nitrogen back.

In the Bat Cave, Ryan tells Mary and Luke about her mom. Alice being Alice, she interrupts them, questioning why she’s complaining, because she brought another mother into her life. She then asks for a glass of water. They all ignore her, and Luke continues their conversation by saying the kid on the bus probably found the liquid nitrogen near the Gotham River. Alice interrupts again, saying she doesn’t feel well and doesn’t want to tag along with them on this mission. Luke says it’s probably not the worst that they give her a sick day considering the liquid nitrogen is in the GCPD, and having one of Gotham’s worst villains there wouldn’t be a good idea.

Batwoman flies solo, and breaks into the GCPD evidence room. However, the liquid nitrogen canister is not there, meaning someone else got their hands on it first. We cut to Nora Fries and another woman, who is holding the liquid nitrogen, and believes that they can finish what her husband Victor had started. Suddenly, a mysterious woman knocks down their door and asks Nora how she was frozen for twenty years and lived to tell about it.

Returning to the Bat Cave, Luke finds out that Dee Smithy was the one who took the liquid nitrogen from the GCPD evidence room. He explains to the team what happened to Nora Fries—how she had Macgregor’s disease, so Victor had created a liquid nitrogen cocktail to use in a cryochamber that he put his wife in. When she got out of it, he hoped there would be a cure for her disease, but he died before she came out. When she thawed, Nora learned that a cure had been found, but because of the twenty year difference, she was confused and doctors interpreted it as her being “crazy,” and sent her to Arkham. How is she connected to the woman who took the liquid nitrogen, though? Well, it’s her sister. Luke then gets distracted when he sees a man playing basketball off of Bruce’s bookshelves on the monitor, and asks Ryan who that is. She tells him it’s her brother, and goes up to see him. She asks what he’s doing here, and he tells her that he knows she’s his sister and that his mom had had an affair and that’s how Ryan happened. He then reveals his true motive of coming to see her, which is that he wants to partner with Wayne Enterprises so they can show Jada what they got.

Later on, Ryan sneaks into Dee’s house as she talks to Luke over comms, telling him how she told Marquis she’d think about teaming up with him. Luke, however, doesn’t think it’s a good idea. That conversation quickly ends, as Ryan finds that the house is empty and someone got to Dee and Nora first. She tells Luke that it looks like Nora may still be sick, and Dee probably wants to put her in a cryochamber again. She asks him where they can find one, and he tells her at Ace Chemicals.

At Ace Chemicals, Dee gives her kidnappers notes from her brother-in-law, but the kidnapper can’t read it and asks Dee to show her how it all works or she will kill Nora. So, Dee does as she’s ask to keep her sister safe.

Meanwhile, at Mary’s clinic, she measures Alice’s vitals and tells her that there’s nothing wrong with her, at least physically. She then asks her step-sister about the delusions, questioning if her faking being sick was a cry for help. Mary also tells her that as a doctor, she has to help her if she needs it, so she asks Alice directly if she needs help. Alice dodges the question and brings up Luke and his performance issues, meaning she got into her locked cabinet files. Mary tells her that there’s doctor-patient confidentiality. But Alice understands Mary’s dilemna—does she tell Batwoman about Luke ignoring his PTSD symptoms or does she keep it a secret because she might love him? Mary too quickly denies that she love’s Luke like that. Alice reminds her, though, that the team “don’t see you unless they need you.”

Ryan arrives at Ace Chemicals and overhears the conversation between the kidnappers, Nora, and Dee. The kidnapper says her client will love this, but Nora tells her that the cryochamber doesn’t work. It will stop the subject from aging, yes, but coming out of it is a different story. She continues, saying that her husband was brilliant but didn’t realize that time would catch up. Three years ago she came out of it a thirty-four-year-old, but she’s aged very quickly and by Christmas, she’ll be over a century-years-old. Ryan takes that moment to come down and start fighting the kidnappers, but one of the women runs off with the liquid nitrogen. Ryan tells Nora to go to Mary’s clinic, then runs after the woman, fighting her and the other guards. But, she is overpowered and gets knocked out and put into the cryochamber. Dee begins to take the liquid nitrogen out to put in the cryochamber, but the kidnapper tells her not to use it. Dee objects, saying Batwoman will just die of hypothermia, and she doesn’t want to kill Batwoman. However, the kidnapper gives her an ultimatum—turn it on or her sister dies. And if Batwoman doesn’t die, she will.

The device gets turned on and instantly begins to fill with cold air and freeze up. Ryan tells Luke over the comms what has happened, and to access her suit heat regulator, but Luke informs her it has already frozen and she only has ten minutes before she dies of hypothermia. Ryan pleads for him to suit up and find Dee. “Please don’t make me die a liar,” she tells him.

Over at Mary’s clinic, Nora is getting treated by the newly minted doctor, and asks Mary if Dee is alright. Mary responds, telling her that Batwoman is on it. Alice is also present, and not faring so well mentally. In a surge of emotion as she believes there are things crawling under her skin, she puts a knife on Nora and tells Mary to take the nanobots out of her. Mary tells her she knows she can’t do that, but Alice insists, telling her to do it or she’ll kill Nora. To both of their surprise, Nora interjects and tells Alice to kill her. Mary pulls Alice aside to calm her down, and Alice tells her, “You think I want all this?” Mary turns to Nora and apologizes to her, saying, “Believe it or not, she’s my sister.” Nora tells her they fight like it, and that she understands Alice. “She’s been trapped her whole life and now she wants her freedom.”

Back at Ace Chemicals, Ryan is close to passing out in the cryochamber, as Sophie tries to keep her awake over comms, telling her that she can beat this. Ryan isn’t as sure, saying that she can’t stay awake. So, Sophie takes this chance to say that she’s mad at her, because she had her dig up everything about her mom, but then went to the Bat Team to talk about her feelings about it instead of her. Ryan responds faintly, “You think I hurt your feelings…” Sophie tells her Ryan truly doesn’t know her because of the fact she doesn’t talk to her. Ryan asks her what she should know about her, but then passes out briefly before she wakes up to noises. Outside the cryochamber, Luke is fighting the guards and gets through them to open the door and take Ryan out. Luke lets Sophie know that she is okay, and they leave Ace Chemicals to chase after the kidnappers, liquid nitrogen in tow.

Ryan says that Sophie was clever in how she kept her from nodding off, telling her, “You’re clever, which means you’re right. There is something I don’t know about you.” Luke looks over at her inquisitively, asking her, “Are you flirting with Sophie right now?” Ryan denies it while Sophie reminds them that the comms are on, but we all know there was some flirtation going on right there.

The Bat Team comes across the kidnappers, who throw a bomb out the back of their car, creating a gap on the bridge. Batwoman drives forward as Luke uses the liquid nitrogen to fill part of the gap so she can drive over it, as Ryan exclaims that what they just did was bad ass. Sophie, however, just calls it interesting, to which Ryan says, “Interesting? Woman, you are hard to please.” (It is this moment that all Ryan/Sophie shippers squealed with delight.) They’re able to stop the kidnapper’s car, who exits it with Dee held at gunpoint, and then pushes her forward as she escapes in another car.

Meanwhile, Alice gets put back in Arkham, still feeling itchy and that bugs are crawling under her skin. But, when she takes a second glance, she sees that she was just imagining it. Then, in the Bat Cave, Ryan puts the liquid nitrogen back in the evidence room and thanks Luke for having her back out there and that he must’ve figured out the glitch in the suit. Mary comes in at the end of that conversation and tells Ryan that it’s because he disabled the failsafe. She says how his dad “designed the suit to react to Luke’s physiology. A surge in heart rate shuts it down.” Ryan replies, saying that that sounds counterintuitive. Mary tells her it’s because Luke wasn’t meant to wear the suit until he was ready and that she shouldn’t have cleared him for the field. Ryan defends Luke, but Mary rebukes her defense, saying, “No offense, Ryan, but you don’t have PTSD from being shot.” Luke claims he doesn’t have it and that he’s up for this. Mary, however disagrees, and says she had to say something. And thus begins a rift in Mary and Luke’s relationship.

At the bar, Sophie grabs a coffee and sees Ryan sitting, so she goes over to talk to her. Ryan tells her that Marquis knows she’s his sister and that he wants to work together behind Jada’s back. Ryan is conflicted, though, because she wants a mom. “It’s her loss, Ryan,” Sophie says. Ryan concludes that she has to put her team first before her brother, because her mom has a lot of connections and maker her her enemy would not be a good idea.

Elsewhere, Mary meets Nora and Dee at a park to give Nora meds to help her. She lets them know that they no longer will have to worry about anything, because Batwoman took care of it. She walks away, and takes a pause to look back at Nora and Dee. But, as she does, a branch of ivy begins to coil around her leg, and with a sudden jolt, Mary is pulled into the bushes. Poison ivy has claimed her first victim.

Isabel Maina

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