Batwoman Season 3, Episode 2 Recap: Who’s Hungry?

Two kids sneak into a pool to enjoy a midnight swim, but it quickly takes a turn for the worse. Jokingly, the girl pushes the boy in and jumps in after, but finds that the boy hasn’t come back up for air. She calls out his name and suddenly he emerges from the water before being taken down by something and being replaced by a pool of blood. The girl tries to escape the pool, but gets dragged under as well.

At Arkham, we see Alice getting released in exchange for her helping Batwoman retrieve the items that went missing. Renee Montoya tells Ryan that she is responsible for Alice, so if she tries to do something unsavory or attempts to escape, Ryan will reap the consequences as well—her time as Batwoman would be over.

In the Bat Cave, Ryan, Luke and Mary watch the news as they report on the two missing kids. All that is left in the pool is blood and their bodies are unable to be found. Luke explains to Ryan and Mary that Bruce tried to save the original Killer Croc, because he thought he had been infected and that is why he had mutated and had an unsatiated appetite for human flesh. GCPD ultimately killed him and all that was left was a single tooth. Mary adds that she believes the tooth carried the infection, and that is probably how whoever has it now is acting the way they are now. Alice then interrupts them, having been handcuffed to the railing of the pathway to the main station, asking why there is a tree in the Bat Cave. Ryan asks to speak to Mary and Luke privately, leaving Alice handcuffed in the Bat Cave.

They go upstairs to the office, Ryan telling them that they need to fix the Batwing costume as fast as they can, because she needs Luke out there with her. Sophie then comes in with the report on the pool incident, telling them that they had found a paralytic that causes the victims to become unconscious while the croc can feed on them. Ryan says they might as well get Alice’s take on it, since she’s crazy—which Mary immediately tells her they don’t use that word anymore.

Suddenly, they hear a sound and look outside and see a helicopter in front of Wayne Enterprises. Luke looks at his tablet and says security has given clearance for this helicopter to land and it’s the CEO of Jeturian Industries, Jada Jett. She’s requesting a meeting with the Wayne Enterprises CEO, Kate Kane, who is not there. However, it seems that while Kate is away, she has made Ryan Acting CEO. Mary goes to find appropriate clothes for her while Luke goes to see what this uninvited guest wants. Sophie steps forward to Ryan and tells her that this uninvited guest is her birth mother and may know that Ryan is her daughter. Ryan asks her what she needs to know about her to get through this meeting unscathed, and Sophie tells her that her company specializes in microtechnology and that Jada had taken over the company when her husband died, and has made it into a powerhouse conglomerate. But, Sophie reminds Ryan, “She never gave you anything, so she can’t take anything away.”

Jada walks into the office, stoic, collected, and looking like a bad ass, telling Ryan she’s here to address a new wound. She tells her about the hack her company had and that they followed the IP crumbs back to Wayne Enterprises. Ryan asks her why she’s here, and Jada gives her a warning to stay out of her business.

Meanwhile, Mary and Luke are down in the Bat Cave working on the suit. Luke shows Mary how the mask talks like his Dad and tells her how the suit shut down because it thought he was injured. It essentially went into safe mode, not being able to access any of the technology. Mary tells him that maybe they should check him out first before the suit in case something is actually wrong with him.

Alice, in the meantime, is sitting in the main station of the Bat Cave, attempting to use the tablet to search how to get her ankle bracelet off. But, it doesn’t allow her to view the results. Ryan then comes down and Alice asks how her meeting was with Jada Jett. At this moment, Ryan realizes that Alice new her mom’s name this entire time but didn’t disclose it. Alice switches the subject to the new Killer Croc slithering around Gotham, saying how she doesn’t think that the pool incident wasn’t the first, and that there are missing people in that same area that could’ve been its first victims.

We cut to a girl playing soccer in a campground, and she kicks the ball into the woods. Her mom tells her to go get it because it’s getting dark and they’re going to be leaving. The girl goes to find it and sees that it’s been punctured and lost its air. She crouches down and touches a sticky liquid that is also on it. Suddenly, something grabs her and she’s dragged away, later waking up in the sewers. She finds she has a broken leg and cannot really walk. She hears growling in the distance, scared to go anywhere.

Ryan and Alice search the woods for the missing girl, and Alice comes across croc skin, meaning that whoever was infected is mutating and growing. Alice then asks Ryan about her birth mom again, and how she was. Ryan says she was amazing, but she doesn’t want her in her life. They then find that the trail ends at a sewer grate. Ryan tells Alice to go in first because she needs to keep her eyes on her and she knows she will run at the first chance she gets. Plus, she knows she doesn’t really care about saving the girl. “Don’t act like you’re the only one with abandonment issues,” Alice replies. They both go in and find raw meat hung up, most likely for bait. Then, a man comes out from behind them and tells them that the new croc is his son.

Back at the Bat Cave, Luke takes off his shirt for Mary to start running some tests. “Well, you’re keeping fit. In…my official, professional, medical opinion,” Mary says, visibly flustered and definitely attracted to the man who has been her friend the past couple years. She takes a look at his heart rate saying it’s normal, then listens in on his lungs, but says that his heart rate is rising. It continues to until it’s racing, and she looks up at him to ask if he’s okay. Their faces inches apart, it definitely seems like these two clearly have feelings for each other but neither are going to act on them. Luke steps back and says it must be the suit that’s wrong, and he will override the failsafe to fix it.

Returning to the sewers, Ryan asks the father what happened to his son, and he tells them how they had gone fishing and when they cut open a fish they caught, they found the tooth. His son got a cut from it and then he started to transform. He had chained him up but then he escaped. He pulls out an electric livestock prod stick, and Ryan asks if that is for his son. He replies that it isn’t, that it’s for her, and electrocutes Ryan, causing her to fall into a puddle of water, and then pulls a gun on Alice. He puts the stick into the water, causing Ryan to be electrocuted again. Sophie, who is on the other end of the comms, tries to call into Ryan to see if she’s okay, but she’s unable to say anything as the man continues to electrocute her. He pauses for a moment, and Ryan is able to gather enough strength to sit up. She tells the man that she wants to help, but he doesn’t think that they want to help him, that they just want to hurt his son. But, his son may be too far gone. He emerges, fully morphed into a croc, and takes his dad, pulling him down the sewer pipe. Alice uses that moment to take the stick and use the electricity to disarm her ankle bracelet and run off, leaving Ryan behind. Ryan is able to radio Sophie, who has now been joined by Luke and Mary, and tells them that Alice has escaped and they need to find her while she goes to find the croc before he hurts anyone else.

Alice walks through the tunnels looking for a way out when she hears the girl yelling for help. She begrudgingly turns around to find her, but when she does and the girl tells her her leg is broken, Alice refuses to help her, saying she’d only slow the both of them down. The girl begs for Alice’s help, but Alice tells her, “No one is gonna save you but yourself. You are the only one you can count on.” She runs off, leaving the girl behind, while Ryan continues searching for the croc. She speaks out loud that she’s going to help him, and try to reason with him, but then comes across his dead dad, and realizes it may be too late for that.

Renee Montoya is alerted that Alice’s tracker is off, but elsewhere, Luke has a solution for that. As Alice escapes from he sewers, Luke comes down in his Batwing suit and starts to fight her, and then injects her with nanobots that will send out a tracking signal to every satellite, meaning she has no way to run away or evade them.

In the sewer, the croc finds the girl, and is about to feed on her when Ryan comes up from behind and jumps on him. They start fighting and Ryan is able to fling out a net that traps him on the wall of the sewer pipe. She goes to see if the girl is okay and brings her out, where she gets put into an ambulance. Montoya comes over and congratulates Ryan, but asks where Alice is.

Ryan points to her car, where Alice is sitting in the passenger seat. She tells Montoya that the bracelet didn’t work, but they figured out a better solution to keep her from running. Alice is brought back to Arkham, where she’ll stay until Ryan next needs her help.

Later in the evening, Ryan looks out over Gotham on the balcony of Wayne Enterprises. Sophie comes out and apologizes to her that she shouldn’t have told her Jada was her mom. Ryan tells her it’s okay, but she doesn’t understand what kind of mom pays two million dollars to falsify records about her. Sophie tells her only one person can give her those answers, because who knows what the situation was and why shew did it. She tells Ryan, “I also know what it’s like to be a girl who just needs a hug from her mom.” Ryan looks at her, crying, and asks, what if her mom doesn’t want her? Sophie replies that it would be her loss.

In the Bat Cave, Luke tries to talk to his dad in the suit, but he doesn’t respond. Mary tells him she thinks it’s because he removed the failsafe and that he needs to put it back on. She continues, saying that she believes the suit is interpreting psychological pain as physical pain from where he was shot. “Just because your body’s healed, doesn’t mean you have,” she tells him.

At Montoya’s office, she is talking to her colleague about the poison ivy Batwoman had apprehended and given to them. The only way to run tests on it is to open the capsule it’s in, but their other colleague is not willing to that. However, Montoya is. She opens it and pours water on it, but nothing happens. Montoya’s hunch that it wasn’t the real poison ivy was correct, meaning the real thing is still out there.

Returning to Ryan, she has taken Sophie’s advice and goes to see Jada Jett. She thinks she’s there for business, but Ryan tells her it’s personal, and reveals that she’s her daughter. Uh oh, I have a feeling this might stir up some trouble!

Isabel Maina

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