Sex Education Season 3, Episode 8 Recap: This Isn’t Goodbye, This Is See You Soon

We have finally reached the end of this season, and what a season it has been. Relationships have changed, Moordale has changed, and who knows what shall become of it all. This time around, we open on a fairly unfamiliar character— that of Layla, the other nonbinary student we have seen a few times, who has also been compared to Cal a lot by Hope. We see them putting a record on and getting ready for school, attempting to put a wrap around their breasts, a process that binds and flattens the chest. But they aren’t too happy with how they look, and it is also causing irritation that doesn’t look too safe. Yet, that’s all they have, so they make do and head off to school.

Meanwhile, we find Otis and Ola at the hospital, waiting to hear news about Jean. Eric comes in and immediately goes to console Otis, while Ola goes to get some tea. Otis tells him that he had a fight with his mom before this and he isn’t happy that he left things with her like that, especially now that she’s in this dangerous situation.

Over at the Groff house, Maureen wakes up with Michael in bed with her. She tells him he needs to go, but he proposes she come over to his place later so they can talk. Adam, in his room, texts Eric saying that he will talk to him.

Returning to Otis and Eric, Otis asks him if he and Adam are okay. Eric tells him that he kissed someone in Nigeria and told Adam he thinks they might be over, but he’s still unsure about it all. The doctor then comes over and tells them that it’s too early to say if Otis’ mom is okay, but asks if they want to go to see the baby. Otis and Ola go to the room, where Jakob is already sitting. Ola, however, leaves, seemingly upset.

It is now the next morning, and Anna brings Maeve a cup of tea in her room and opens the curtains. She tells her that she looks happy, and asks if it has anything to do with Otis. She smiles, drinking her tea. Anna brings up that this room will stay free if Maeve wants to move in, because Elsie love having her here. Maeve happily accepts, then gets a text from Otis about his mom’s situation. She asks him if she should come, but he says that Eric is there, so he’s fine. Then, Elsie comes running in to say good morning to her sister, and Maeve focuses all her attention on her.

At the Groff house, Maureen finds the dog trials flyer and asks Adam about it, who says that he is competing with Madam there that night. His mom tells him she wants to be there and asks if Eric is going. He tells her that he isn’t because they got into a fight.

Over at Jackson’s, he’s chilling in his room when his mom comes in, saying she’s going on a run. Out of the blue, he asks her if she always knew she was a lesbian. She tells him that she didn’t connect to that part of herself until she met his mother, and had been in denial for a long time because she felt a lot of shame. She then asks if he wants to tell her something, and he says that no, he’s not gay or anything. He then asks her if he can join her on her run, something he hasn’t done in a while.

Back at the hospital, Otis asks Jakob if they’ve decided on a name yet. Otis then confesses that he’s scared something will happen to his mom, which Jakob replies that he’s scared too. Otis, in a state of vulnerability, states that if anything happens he doesn’t want to live with his dad. Jakob, looking him in the eye, tells him, “Otis, I know I’m not your father, but I’m not going anywhere.” Otis then, to lighten the mood, says he didn’t finish the tree house. Jakob responds, saying that there won’t be much time now with the little one. The doctor comes in the room, providing an update that they have found the cause of the bleed, but that they are still operating on Jean. Jakob, noticing Otis start to panic a bit, tells him it will be alright.

Maureen makes her way to Jean’s house to pick up somethings for her, and finds Aimee waiting outside with her goat. She had an appointment with Jean, and Maureen explains that she went into labor. Maureen goes inside to get Jean’s things, and lets Aimee come in as well to go to the bathroom.

Lily, who has finally gotten the courage to go back to school, gets driven to Moordale by her mom, with the box of her things in the backseat. When they get there, her mom tells her that she thinks she saw an alien once, trying to appease her daughter and make a connection. She tells Lily that she should still go to the Eighth thing later, but Lily says she thinks its time she outgrew the alien stuff and asks her mom to throw out her things. Meanwhile, all the students are distracted as Viv walks up to the school with her hot boyfriend on her arm. He tells her that he’ll see her after school, and she walks away, falling in a trash can due to being rightfully distracted.

Adam, also at school, goes to Ms. Sands and tells her that he found what he’s good at and invites her to the dog trials. Rahim then shows up and tells Adam that he got called back to school early from suspension, and asks him how he’s doing. Adam tells him that Eric kissed someone else, so…not so good. Maeve and other students walk in to Moordale and start to notice things are different. Then, someone yells out that Hope’s officer is empty and that she’s gone. Maeve, Cal and other students run to her office and find that it is indeed empty! The evil has been cast out!

In the hospital, Otis and Eric are at the vending machine to get chocolate, but it gets stuck in the machine. Otis sticks his arm up to attempt to get it, but is struggling. Eric tells him it’s okay, but Otis is insisting that he can do it and begins to cry, his emotions beginning to overwhelm him. Eric hugs and consoles his friend, who repeats that “she can’t die.” Eric tells him that it won’t happen, and then, suddenly a man comes over asking them to move and Eric cusses him out for interrupting their moment. That provides a bit of relief and they laugh, while Otis holds the chocolate bar in his hand. Jakob then comes over to them and says that Jean is out of surgery and doing well.

Returning to Moordale, Jackson comes in to school and asks Viv why she’s so happy. She tells him that Hope resigned and Eugene is here. She walks on, leaving Jackson and Cal by themselves in an awkward situation. Jackson admits that he acted like an idiot. The first bell then rings, and Cal says they should talk about it during their free period later.

We then go back to Maureen, who is sifting through Jean’s room to get clothes, accidentally opening a drawer filled with sex toys. After getting what she needs, she goes to find Aimee, who’s just come out of the bathroom and advises Maureen she shouldn’t go in there for a while. Maureen asks her if she wants to talk about why she’s feeling anxious, and Aimee tells her that she needs to break up with her boyfriend because she’s changed so much and wants to learn who she is on her own. Maureen tells her that she should take the opportunity to be by herself and that her boyfriend will be alright. Maureen then asks Aimee about Adam and if she thinks he’s happy. Aimee tells her that they don’t really talk and he does’t have many friends, but, unknowingly outing him, says he seems happier with Eric. Maureen then goes in the bathroom to get a toothbrush while Aimee goes to wait outside. Maureen follows shortly, but as soon as she closes the door, realizes she left the keys inside, and Aimee realizes she left the goat inside too.

At Moordale, class is still in session, even without a head teacher. Maeve is in her science class, but when she looks out the window, sees her mom hiding behind the bushes outside the building. She goes to see what she’s doing there and Erin brings her in the bush with her. Maeve tells her she shouldn’t be here and needs to go into hiding, but Erin ignores that and hands her a wad of cash, telling her she wants her to go do that America thing. Maeve tells her it’s too late and that she’s moving in with Anna. She also admits that she feels guilty that she’s left her mom behind, but her mom tells her she didn’t, she was the one who left her behind. Erin feels like she’s let her down so much (and she has) that she has to take this money from her. Maeve cries, hugging her mom for one last time before she sneaks away.

During free period, Cal and Jackson talk, and Jackson tells them that he doesn’t think he’s queer. Cal says it’s okay, but it wouldn’t work between them anyways “because I’m not a girl, and I’m worried you still see me as one.” Jackson tells them that he’s willing to learn, but Cal says they’re still figuring out stuff about themselves, and can’t carry him too. They agree to still be friends, and then they hear an announcement over the loudspeakers for all sixth formers to go to the common room. As everyone heads there, Ms. Sands sees Mark, one of the board members, and tells him she would like to put herself forward for the head teacher position. He tells her they’re not taking applications. Lily also walks towards the common room, and gets stopped by another student, who asks her to sign her story that was published in the newspaper. This makes Lily realize that maybe she shouldn’t give up on what she likes so much, and tells her mom that she will actually go out that night.

Meanwhile, Aimee and Maureen put a ladder against the MIlburn house to get back in. Maureen climbs up the ladder and luckily the balcony door is open. She goes to open the front door to let Aimee in, and they find the goat in Jean’s office eating all the sex magazines with the women, to which Maureen notes, “I think Goat might be a lesbian.”

Back at Moordale, all the sixth formers are in the common room, and Mark tells them that investors have pulled funding from the school, and it is now being sold to developers. Now, they need to find alternative schooling to finish their term. Jackson walks out of the meeting with Viv and Cal, saying that their plan backfired and was a waste of time, but Ms. Sands tells them that “speaking up for what you believe in is never a waste of time,” and that they did the right thing. Adam asks Rahim if he can read his poem that he wants to give to Eric and hands it to him. Eric then comes in and Adam tells him that they’re selling the school. Eric then tells him again that he’s sorry, to which Adam tells him to stop doing. Eric asks him if they can walk home together, and he agrees. Elsewhere, Cal gets followed by Layla into the bathroom, and Call asks them what they want. Layla apologizes for not speaking up and then asks for their help with something, which Cal agrees to.

Maureen gets to the hospital with Jean’s things and hands them off to Jakob. He then texts Ola, asking her where she is, and she tells him she’s outside. He goes to see her, and she tells him that she thinks she made all of this bad stuff happen to Jean because she had said some really terrible things to her. Jakob tells her that Jean is awake and fine. Ola tells her father she’s pleased he’s happy with Jean, but worried he’ll like his “new” family more than her because she reminds him of the pain. He refutes that claim, and tells her, “You remind me of joy. Only joy.” They go back in the hospital room where the baby is, where Jean is there to meet her daughter. Ola goes to touch the baby’s hand and suggests calling her Joy, which Jean and Jakob easily agree to.

As Adam and Eric walk home, Adam tells him that he thinks they can pretend that all of this didn’t happen and that he can get over it because it didn’t mean anything, but Eric doesn’t want to sweep it under the rug, saying, “I don’t think it was just a stupid kiss, Adam.” Eric tells him that he feels bad that he hurt him, but he wouldn’t take it back, because it felt so easy. “I just feel like I’m…I’m ready to fly, and you’re just learning to walk,” Eric states. He tells Adam he’s beginning to lose who he and he thinks they need to break up, because they’re going in different directions. Eric tries to continue talking with him, but Adam refuses to, holding tears in as Eric leaves him on the bridge.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Otis runs into Hope, who has dropped her purse on the floor, the contents of it spilling everywhere. She tells him that she’s “had a shit twenty-four hours.” “Yeah, I’ve heard,” he says, offering a Kit Kat. They then go to the waiting room, and Otis asks her if she knew the school was going to close. She tells him that what they did yesterday was only detrimental to them, but he thinks they made a pretty good case. Hope says her generation knew how to conduct themselves, but Otis counters by saying that the issues they talked about have always been there, people just haven’t felt safe enough to rain them. A nurse then comes in and gives Hope a form for the IVF treatment. Hope confesses to Otis that she’s been trying to get pregnant for three years, and she’s about to start another round of IVF. He tells her that he hopes it works out for her, but she replies that it won’t, because she’s a failure. He questions why she thinks so, and Hope tells him that her body doesn’t do the one thing it’s supposed to do; the one thing she wants it to do. She thinks that dwelling on it makes her weak. Otis thinks otherwise, saying her feeling “disappointed by something you want but maybe can’t have makes you honest and admitting your vulnerabilities makes you courageous.” Jean overhears this whole conversation, and having waited for it to end, steps in and asks Otis for help back to her room.

Jean tells him that she overheard the conversation and that it was beautiful. Otis tells her he thinks he wants to pursue therapy because he feels a rush of connection whenever he talks to people. He apologizes for what he had said to her earlier, and that he thought she was going to die, and because of that, realized he still acts like a child most of the time even though he tries to be a grown up. He needs her and can’t not have a mom. Jean tells her son that he isn’t a child, he’s a young man, and sometimes she finds that difficult to accept, but he’s doing a good job. She then tells him to go home and get some rest, and on his way out, Otis tells her about Maeve, who, although he doesn’t understand much about love, he thinks is his person. Jean says she can’t wait to meet her, and once she’s left by herself, pulls out some magazines from the paper bag Maureen had left, with a note from Aimee that her goat ate her porn. There’s also mail, and within that stack, is the paternity test Jakob had told her he had to do when they were fighting. She opens it, seeing the results, and goes, “oh shit.” What that means, we don’t know, and probably won’t know until next season. Is the baby actually Jakobs??? If it isn’t, whose is it??

We then see Jackson at home with his mom, who he tells that there was someone he liked a lot but it didn’t work out. She asks him if he wants to have some ice cream and talk about it, and he goes downstairs with her. Meanwhile, Cal is showing Layla the binders they use, which is safer than wraps, because that can constrict breathing and seriously hurt them, like break their ribs. We then get a bit of a montage of Adam taking Madam in to the ring and through the obstacle course, Rahim reading Adam’s poem, Aimee breaking up with Steve, Maeve moving out, Eugene and Viv having medieval sex, Lily getting dressed up to go out, Eric putting makeup on in his Nigerian clothes, and then back to Adam having completed the course and looking happy.

Maeve walks out of her trailer with her suitcases and runs into Isaac, telling him that Anna asked her to move in with her, and apologizing for being a dick to him. She tells him she still wants him in her life as friends, but he says it’ll take time for that to happen. Anna then honks the horn, and Maeve walks over to the car with her things.

They announce the winner of the dog trials, and unfortunately Adam doesn’t get placed, but they give him a special moment for the best debut, and his mom and Ms. Sands stand up applauding him. When Adam and his mom exit, Rahim texts him saying that his power was not great, but not bad, and asked if his dog won.

Maureen asks Adam if it was Eric he was texting and smiling at, but he says no, a friend. He then tells her that Eric wasn’t his friend, he was his boyfriend, and they broke up. Maureen hugs her son, and he asks her not to tell his dad that he didn’t win a proper prize because he’d just be disappointed. You can tell Maureen’s heart feels heavy after he says this, so she texts Michael telling him that last night was a mistake, that it would be too complicated for Adam, and that she needs to be on her own.

Lily goes to the big Eighth event and sees Ola and asks why she’s there. Ola tells her it was her mom’s favorite place, and she didn’t realize this was going on. Lily apologizes to her, saying she didn’t realize how much she was missing her mom. Ola tells her she thinks both of them were distracted and apologizes for saying aliens were’t real. Ola then say she wishes she could tell her mom about Lily because she’d love her. Then, everyone starts to count down, but when they get to zero, nothing happens. Ola asks Lily if she wants to stay a little longer, but Lily decides to leave. But, just as they stand up to go, they see shooting stars fly across the dark sky.

Meanwhile, Otis is outside his house attempting to finish building the tree house when Eric comes over, dressed in his traditional Nigerian clothes. Otis tells him he looks amazing and asks about Adam. Eric tells him they broke up and doesn’t want to talk about it, and that they should finish building the tree house together.

At Anna’s, Aimee is helping Maeve unpack when she finds the wad of cash Erin had given her. She asks what it’s for, and Maeve tells her that her mom gave that to her to go to America, and that the program booked her on a flight tomorrow, but she’s not going because things are going Weill with Otis and she doesn’t want to mess it up again. “Oh my God. Maeve Wiley, come here now,” Aimee declares. “Sit down, I’m talking to you as your second mother now. If you decide to not go to America and make your disgustingly big brain even bigger, I’m gonna have to end our friendship.” She tells her best friend that if she were going to miss an opportunity for a boy, that she would tell her to screw her head back on. “Don’t forget about me,” Aimee says, as they begin to pack her bags again.

Returning to the Milburn house, Otis and Eric are in the treehouse talking about how Moordale is closing down. Eric tells him that as long as they have each other, they’ll be alright. They then hear Maeve calling Otis’ name, and he goes down to see her. He asks her what she’s doing here and they kiss. She tells him that she’s changed her mind about America because she found the money, so she’s going—now. Otis asks her what’s going to happen with them, and Maeve tells him they’ll have to see where they’re at when she’s back. Although he seems sad that they once again have something in the way preventing them to finally get together, he tells her he’s proud of her. “So this is goodbye,” he says. “No, it’s see you soon,” she replies. They hug, both tearing up. She asks him to wish her luck and waves goodbye to Eric in the tree house. She gets on a bus, headphones in her ears, leather jacket on, and looks out the window as they drive past the Welcome to Moordale sign, and smiles. Exciting, new adventures are beginning, and her, along with all other Sex Education characters, are about to embark on them, full steam ahead. See you soon, season four.

Isabel Maina

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