Sex Education Season 3, Episode 5 Recap: Vive La France!

We are now past the halfway mark of the season, and things are beginning to get interesting. The students are on a trip in France, under the supervision of Collin and Emma, so who knows what will happen.

The episode opens to Viv in a toilet stall, sexting with someone named Eugene while trying to masterbate, but gets interrupted by someone else slamming on the door of the stall. She exits, joining the other students as their teachers talk about the rules of this visit, and begin to break everyone into groups.

Meanwhile, in England, Eric and his family are getting ready to leave for Nigeria, but his mom tells him to change because he can’t dress the way he does here in Nigeria as it’s not safe for him. Discontent with how he has to change his appearance and can’t express himself the way he wants to, he goes back up the stairs to do as his mom says. In his room, he re-packs his bag with less expressive clothes, but puts a photo of him and Adam in it so he has something to remember him by while he’s away.

Back in France, the groups of Moordale students are walking around a graveyard of those who died during the war. Aimee and Maeve are talking amongst themselves, and Vivian and Jackson are walking together. As they are, Hope texts Viv to ask how everything is and Jackson sees it. He tells her that Hope is just using her, but Viv doesn’t think so. Cal then comes up behind Jackson and jumps on him. Viv tells them that they should come to the forum to raise the uniform issue, but Cal doesn’t want to, and completely changing the subject, tells Jackson they’ll race him to the top of the hill, and they run away. Elsewhere, Otis is attempting to talk to Ruby but Anwar and Olivia stop him from talking, refusing to let him break Ruby’s heart any further.

We then go to Jean, who is at the doctor’s with Jakob. She is at the reception desk checking in as he looks at the cufflink he had found, still preoccupied as to why it was there. Jean, while at the desk, overhears another woman checking in—Hope.

Jean introduces herself, since she’s heard so much about her. Hope mentions how she skimmed Jean’s book and that they have different perspectives on teaching children. “Yes, I’ve seen your new SRE curriculum. It looks like you’re advocating abstinence,” Jean says. She then tells Hope that she’d be open to talking about her perspective with her, and they part ways.

Returning to France, as the students now walk through trenches, Steve is mentioning to Adam and Rahim the interesting fact about how he’s dating Adam’s Ex, and Adam is dating Rahim’s ex. Kyle brings up how Steve is lucky he’s dating Aimee because she’s a “fuck machine.” Steve immediately tells him that’s inappropriate for him to say, which, good on Steve.

Jackson tells Cal that they should go to the forum, but Cal says it’s not for them, and that they should not talk about that and just have fun on this trip. That is when Kyle approaches with a bag of mushrooms, offering them to the two of them. They both decide to eat some, about to go on an entirely different kind of trip.

Viv goes up to Ola and Lily and asks what they would want brought up at the forum. Ola says that they should have free pads and tampons at school, and before she can say more, Viv asks for her to take a photo of her and a soldier dummy in the trench. Ola takes her phone to take a photo, but sees a sext from her boyfriend Eugene. Ola asks who he is and Viv gets flustered, mentioning how the sexting hasn’t been doing it for her, and Lily tells he that she’ll help with the sexting since she’s basically an erotica genius. When Viv reads out the text Lily wrote, she says it’s not her, but thanks her.

Otis is still trying to talk to Ruby, so Anwar and Olivia insult him. But, Ruby tells them she can handle it herself and takes Otis aside to finally talk. Otis tells her that he feels awful about what happened and how their relationship ended, and feels like Ruby hates him. She says she does’t, but she just can’t be around him because of how badly he hurt her. Then, Ms. Sands comes over and tells the students that it’s time to go.

In another area, Aimee asks Maeve what a conscientious objector is. Maeve explains it as someone who stands up for their beliefs. Aimee says she wants to do that more, and be brave, “like you in SRE the other day.” Meave tells her that of course she can be brave enough to do that, then slips in that she hooked up with Isaac the other day. Aimee asks her if she knows that Otis and Ruby broke up, because she thought that maybe Otis and Maeve would get back together. Maeve tells her that she’s going to try it with Isaac, and Aimee tells her she’s happy for her. Maeve’s mood suddenly turns sour, as Anna texted her. Aimee asks her what’s wrong, and Maeve tells her how Anna had paid for this trip without asking her. Aimee admits to her, “she didn’t pay for it, I did.” She had asked for her mom to pay and tells Maeve, “You don’t have to pay me back. Money doesn’t matter to me.” “It does to me,” Maeve replies, upset. They then head back to the bus. As the bus speeds down the street, Aimee asks Maeve if she wants Kyle to switch spots so they can sit together, but Maeve, still upset at Aimee, says it’s fine and puts her headphones back in.

We go back to Hope, who is in the doctor’s office. She has been doing IVF treatment since her and her husband are unable to get pregnant the natural way. The IVF treatment hasn’t been working either, and Hope asks the doctor when she can be booked for another round. The doctor says she’s not ready to book that for her yet. Hope, upset, asks for another doctor, but her current one tells her there won’t be another available until next week, but he’ll probably say the same thing. Hope, undeterred, says she wants a second opinion.

Elsewhere, Jakob is at the coffee machine trying to get tea for him and Jean, but it gets stuck isn’t working properly. He gets agitated as it takes a while for him to get what he wants. In the waiting room, Jean’s name gets called, and not knowing where Jakob went off to, and the doctor looking impatient, Jean goes with him, just as Jakob returns. In the doctor’s room, he begins to perform the ultrasound. He then makes some comments that is judgmental of Jean having a baby as an older woman. Jean, of course, is not happy about that, and asks to talk to his superior. In the hallway, Jean is yelling at Jakob about what the doctor said, and gets even more furious when the supervisor comes out, who seems to be just like the doctor.

As they walk out of the hospital, they run into one of Jean’s suitors from the first season and they have an awkward interaction. As they continue on to their car, Jakob says it makes him think about how she’s slept with a lot of men, and if the baby is even his, pulling out the cuff link he found. Jean says the cuff link could’ve been anyones, and that yes, she’s had a lot of casual sex in her life, but if Jakob doesn’t trust her, it’s not going to work. He tells her that he doesn’t and asks for a paternity test. Their attempt at building a family is obviously not working very well.

On the bus, Adam and Rahim are sitting next to each other again, still very awkward, but Rahim leaves the seat to go to the restroom. Ola and Lily are talking, and Ola tries to explain to Lily about her earlier comment that she wants to have sex without alien role-play sometimes. She wants to be in the real world, and not always in “silly fantasy land,” which just makes Lily more upset. In the back of the bus, Cal and Jackson are both tripping and fall to the ground and begin to crawl down the walkway of the bus and downstairs to the restroom, where Rahim just took a dump and the toilet is starting to overflow. Cal and Jackson start hitting on the door, and Rahim, scared at what they’ll find/see, takes off his stock to grab his own feces out of the toilet. The bus, speeding down the road, goes to pass by a car, and Rahim throws the feces-filled sock out of the window, which hits the car next to them, causing them to swerve towards the bus, the bus to skid, and both vehicles coming to a screeching stop before they get into a more serious accident.

Everyone exits the bus to see the driver of the car yelling in French. Collin asks Rahim to translate what he’s saying, but Rahim lies because the driver knows it was him and he doesn’t want to admit it with everyone there. Adam notices Rahim’s sock is missing when a student comes off the bus saying someone threw it from there. Collin starts to check the boys’ trousers for missing socks, but before he gets to Rahim, Adam comes forward and says it was his. Then Rahim comes forward saying it was his, and so does Jackson, but he’s still tripping. Ms. Sands tells Adam to clean it up, as everyone disperses to visit the convenience store they’ve stopped near and take a break. Rahim goes up to Adam and tells him he thought he hated him. Adam says he doesn’t, but he isn’t cleaning up his shit. He walks back to the bus, but Rahim doesn’t clean it either.

Aimee goes to find Maeve, who is sulking in the woods by the bus. Maeve tells her that she doesn’t get it. “We live in completely different worlds, Aimee. I’m not rich like you. I can’t decide to be a baker for a living ‘cause I like toast,” she tells her. “That’s a fucking mean thing to say,” Aimee replies, beginning to cry. She continues, “You never accept help from anyone, because you’re too proud. I wanted to do a nice thing.” Aimee tells Maeve she keeps everyone out; she did it to Otis, now she’s doing it to her, and she’ll probably do it to Isaac and end up hurting everyone. Maeve gets even more upset and tells her to look at how she treats Steve and that she’s too much of a people pleaser to break up with him. She marches away, leaving Aimee crying.

Ola asks Viv if she’s texted her boyfriend back, saying that it’s good to have space sometimes, which is something her mom used to say. Viv tells her that she must’ve been great. Ola says she was, and that it’s hard now with the situation with her father and Jean, and Lily doesn’t understand why it’s difficult for her. Viv tells her maybe Lily’s never experienced grief. After a pause, Ola then tells viv she should tell Eugene what she wants him to sext, and then it’ll be better for the both of them.

Everyone gets back on the bus and Collin does a count before the bus drives off, back to Moordale. But, as the bus drives away, we see both Otis and Maeve leaving the restrooms. They’ve left them behind, they don’t have their phones or anything with them, and the teller at the convenience store has left. Otis immediately begins freaking out and thinks they should go find help, but Maeve says they should stay at the gas station and begins laughing, saying that it’s funny when Otis is stressed.

On the bus, Collin starts a sing along, while Ola and Lily have an argument about whether aliens are real. Ola doesn’t think so, and Lily very much does. It’s painful to see Lily, who thought Ola liked her for who she is, finding out that her girlfriend doesn’t exactly like or believe in the things she does. Elsewhere, Adam is watching Rahim reading and tells him that he thinks poetry is dumb because it doesn’t make sense. Rahim says that he wrote a poem about Adam, and reads it. It basically dissing Adam, like calling him unremarkable, but Rahim says he was wrong about that. Meanwhile, Viv tells her boyfriend what she wants and he leaves her on read. In the back of the bus, Jackson brings up the changing room thing again to Cal and that it’s important to make Hope listen and make things better. He wants to fight to make things better, and Cal made him realize that. Jackson tells them that they’re beautiful, and they lean into each other and kiss. Jackson puts his hand on them, and they pull away, saying they don’t think they can do this. In the front of the bus, Aimee writes a note to pass along to Maeve, giving it to the girl behind her. Steve then asks her if she’s still attracted to him and if she still wants to be with him, and Aimee says that of course she does (but she doesn’t really mean it). Then, the note gets handed back to her and the girl says Maeve isn’t here. Aimee starts to call out her name, worried, and everyone suddenly notices that she’s missing. Collin tells the driver to turn the bus around as they speed back to pick up Maeve.

We go back to Otis and Maeve, who are sitting on top of the gas tanks, hoping that their peers and teachers have noticed they aren’t on the bus and are coming back for them. Maeve asks Otis why him and Ruby broke up, and he tells her that he didn’t like her as much as she liked him. He then asks her about Isaac, and she says things are good and that she likes him. She tells him that she knows he left her a voicemail and that she hadn’t gotten it. She tells him Isaac had deleted it to protect her and that he fucked up by doing that, but the past is the past. Otis asks how long she’s known about he voicemail and she responds, saying she’s known for a couple weeks but didn’t say anything because Otis had acted like a dick last term. Otis jumps off the gas tank, upset that Isaac had deleted it. Maeve then asks him what it said, but he says it doesn’t matter. “It matters to me,” she replies.

Otis tells her exactly what it said, that he loved her. Maeve asks if he meant it. He’s silent, so she comes towards him and asks him again. “Of course I meant it,” he says, looking at her in her eyes. They kiss, but Maeve pulls away saying she can’t do this. He says he understands. But, there is too much of a pull between them, and they kiss again. Maeve says that this is confusing her. It’s reigniting feelings she had for Otis, but she still likes Isaac and genuinely wanted to date him. Right at that moment, the bus comes and Ruby looks out the window. Upon seeing the two of them, she realizes why Otis didn’t say “I love you” back. Collin and Emily run off the bus, saying they’re awful teachers, as Maeve and Otis go on. Collin tells Emma, though, that they make an incredible team and do well in a crisis. Emily agrees, and Collin then gets down on one knee and asks if she’ll marry him. She immediately says no because they’ve only been dating a year, but will move in with him.

On the ride back, Kyle says he’s going to do his presentation now, and talks about how one day they’ll all be dead soon, so they should try and live in the moment, because they don’t have long. He says that if you love someone, you should tell them that you love them, and that life is fragile. He then takes out his bag of mushrooms, saying this is his gift for everyone. Ms. Sands immediately takes it and Collin tells everyone to get themself proper and ready before they get back to Moordale. Everyone goes to sleep, and shortly after, they arrive to Moordale, with Hope waiting for them. Aimee asks Maeve if she wants a ride, and she says no. Otis goes over to Maeve and says they should talk about what happened. Maeve tells him not tonight because she needs to sort her head out. Jackson asks Cal if they’re ok, and they brush him off, saying yeah, and that they’ll see each other on Monday. Hope asks Emma and Collin how the trip went, and they respond that “it was peachy.”

As Adam goes to grab his bike to go home, Eric texts him, asking how the trip was. Adam says it wasn’t that bad, and Eric responds saying that he’s in Nigeria. Adam texts him back that he misses him, and before Eric can respond, he arrives at his family’s place and puts away his phone as he greets them, leaving Adam with the three dots and then no response. Adam, sad that he’s separated from Eric, takes his bike and heads home.

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