Sex Education Season 3, Episode 2 Recap: It’s Never Just A Line

The second episode opens up with Eric doing Adam’s makeup and telling him he looks gorgeous. Adam takes a look in the mirror himself, and agrees that he looks quite pretty. They start flirtatiously dancing and then Adam sits back on the bed, saying “You’ll ruin my makeup.” Eric responds with a smile, “I’ll ruin you.” Adam says he thinks he’s ready to go all the way and they start to unbotton their pants and playfully move around in different positions, looking like they both want to be bottoms. They then hear Adam’s mom coming and quickly get off the bed and buckle their pants before she opens the door and steps in. She asks what they’re doing, and Adam tells her karate. She leaves, not entirely convinced, and Eric thinks so as well, because he tells Adam he’s sure his mom knows that he’s gay and that they’re a thing. They start to get playful again but Adam’s mom then yells up that food will be ready in a few minutes, ruining the mood for them to get frisky.

We then go to Maeve, who is having breakfast at Isaac’s. He notices she has a booklet for a program in the US. She’s isn’t sure if she should apply, but Isaac thinks that she should go. He then notices some jam on her face, but she’s unable to get it off and asks Isaac to get it. He leans in to wipe it off, and you definitely sense a bit of sexual tension. But then, Isaac’s brother comes in and ruins the moment, and Maeve leaves for school.

Over at Otis’, Ruby is going through his closet and says that his clothes are ugly, so she gives him an entirely new outfit that doesn’t seem like Otis at all. She then tells him that he needs to shave the mustache off because he looks better without it. So, he goes to do that, while she goes downstairs to the kitchen, where Jean is eating breakfast. Jean tells Ruby good morning, and as she’s asking her if she wants any breakfast, Ruby is already opening the fridge. Jean tells her that she’s happy Ruby is comfortable sleeping over. Ruby tells her that her and Otis are just having casual sex, she would never date him, so it’s okay. Otis then comes in and Ruby calls him OT, which Jean is puzzled by. Ruby’s explanation? “Otis was babyish so I changed it.” It seems like Ruby is changing a lot of things about Otis.

At Moordale, we see Jakob dropping Ola off. Ola asks him if him and Jean are getting back together, and he tells her they will co-parent. She ten gets out of the car and goes to see Lily and tells her about the situation between her dad and Jean. Ruby and Otis then pull up, and as they’re walking up to the school, she tells him to change his walk.

Behind them, are Aimee and Maeve. Aimee says, “They’re really a thing now, huh?” Maeve is silent, and then they both notice a yellow line in the middle of the sidewalk that then continues inside and a sign that says to walk in single file. There are also people there repainting the lockers, and there are new hallway rules posted on the walls.

Otis is with Ruby and her friends, who are very bothered about the color scheme change of the lockers. Eric comes running over and looks Otis up and down, saying, “Why do you look like Magneto?” “Ruby dressed me,” Otis says. “Yeah, I can see that,” Eric responds, and then apologizes to Ruby. He pulls Otis away and Ruby tells him that she’ll see him at lunch.

Eric excitedly tells Otis that him and Adam are having sex that night. Otis warns him, telling him that he doesn’t want him to get hurt. Eric shuts him down, saying he only wants him to be a friend and ask all the questions. They then walk up the stairs with a little song and dance about Eric and Adam having sex, and notice the yellow line there as well.

In class, two students play a prank on Ms. Sands and try to blame Adam, but she doesn’t believe them and sends them away. Once the class is over, Adam is hesitant to walk out. Ms. Sands asks him if he wants to talk. He almost does, but stays silent, and leaves.

Over in chorus and band, they are singing an inappropriate song as Hope comes in. Once the song is over, she takes Jackson into the hallway. There, she asks him for his thoughts on the hallway rules. He tells her that they sound militant, but she says it’s more about creating a “quiet space.” The new student then goes by them on their skateboard and Hope stops them and tells them that Jackson will talk through the new school values with them.

Aimee and Maeve walk through the hallway talking about these new rules, and Viv joins in, who agrees with them. Rahim joins in as well but he thinks this is just the beginning and it’s much more than a yellow line and some rules. Hope then comes by, with Jackson in tow, and tells Maeve that she can’t wear her nose ring as facial piercings are no longer allowed. She then continues walking with Jackson and Vivian, who volunteers herself and Jackson to help paint the walls with graffiti.

Otis meets up with Ruby and her friends at lunch and stands next to her as he begins to eat, but she tells him to go to the other side, because she can’t stand the sound of anyone eating. Otis then looks over and sees Maeve and Aimee in the distance. They are talking, and Maeve says how she actually thinks Otis and Ruby look good together, and she doesn’t mind that, because she might like someone. Aimee automatically guesses that it’s Isaac, but Maeve says she hasn’t made a move because she doesn’t want to ruin their friendship.

Vivian and Jackson are at the graffiti filled wall, debating whether what is on the wall is in fact graffiti or art. The new student comes up behind them, saying, “Who’s to say what’s art and what isn’t?” Jackson then mentions that he knows them because they bumped into him the other day (he actually uses the incorrect she/her pronouns, to which they correct him—their pronouns are they/them). They introduce themselves as Cal and then says that the wall is history, there’s art from decades ago before they were even born, and it would be a shame to cover up that history. That causes Jackson to decide to go talk to Hope about the wall and see if she’ll change her mind about it.

In the school, Hope runs into the teacher, Colin, and tells him to choose more appropriate songs, and that she will even send some suggestions over. Colin leaves towards the parking lot when he sees Mr. Groff parked there. He tells him that he has a meeting with the new headmistress and asks how she is. Colin tells him that she’s changing things—not for the better, it’s just different. 

Eric finds Otis after lunch and asks him how it went, and Otis is not happy about it. He hated the lunch, he hates the clothes Ruby made him wear, and he hates holding her purse. But, even though he hates it all, he’ll continue doing it, because the sex they have is that good.

We then go to Jakob and Jean, who are in therapy, talking about how they will be co-parenting the child although they are separated. They talk with the therapist about their relationship and the pregnancy and come to the conclusion that Jean thinks her pregnancy is fated, because she’s forty-eight and Jakob has gotten a vasectomy, so this is her last hurrah. Especially since Otis is about to finish secondary school, it seems like Jean isn’t ready to be alone. However, she is scared to be an older parent, and wants Jakob to be involved in any way he can. The therapist tells them that they need to build a foundation of trust between them since that hadn’t dated long before she got pregnant, and gives them some exercises to do at home.

Back at Moordale, the school day has ended and Steve runs over to Aimee, asking if she wanted to come over to his house later that night, but she tells him she has plans with Maeve. He leans in for a kiss goodbye, but she swerves it and says bye. She explains to Maeve that they haven’t had sex since the bus incident, so Maeve suggests that Aimee talk to someone, perhaps Dr. Milburn. Aimee thinks it’s a good idea, so Maeve goes over to Otis to talk to him about that. Upon walking up to him, Otis says to her, “I know, outfit is weird.” Maeve tells him that casual doesn’t seem right for him, and then tells him he’s worried about Aimee, and if he can talk to him mom about booking a session with her. Otis of course says it’s okay, that he will do that. He then asks Maeve why she said casual doesn’t seem right for him. She responds by saying the “whole feelings thing,” that he used to care a lot. She walks off back to Aimee and Otis is surprised by a car horn, and Ruby telling him they’re going to his house.

Eric and Adams have escaped into the woods with a picnic to try and seal the deal. They both admit that they’re a bit scared, but start to kiss and undress. Eric then grabs lube and condoms to get himself ready, and Adam turns away saying he doesn’t want to do this, doesn’t want to have sex. Eric gets upset, saying that Otis was right. Adam is confused at what Otis has to do with this, and Eric says Otis told him that he would change his mind about this. Eric tells Adam, “If you’re not all in, I can’t be with you.” Adam responds, just saying, “This isn’t what I want.” So Eric walks away, angry, leaving Adam there alone.

We move over to Otis and Ruby, who are having sex. Otis is enjoying it, but Ruby less so. When he finishes, she immediately gets dressed and tells him tomorrow is purple day, and that she left something for him. He brings up wanting to spend time with her (not having sex), and she tells him she has a thing with her dad tomorrow and says it’s fine for him to come. Ruby walks downstairs and sees Jean and Jakob, telling them, “You’re a good looking couple, for old people,” as she leaves. The two of them then start to do one of the exercises where they are knees to knees and looking in each other’s eyes without breaking contact. So, they begin to stare at each other, and it’s not long until they start kissing and go up to Jean’s room.

Just as they are going into Jean’s room, Otis exits his and goes downstairs. He hears a knock on the door and opens it to find Adam. He tells Otis to stop talking shit to Eric and telling his boyfriend that he wasn’t properly gay or wouldn’t want to have sex with him. Otis responds, saying he had just told Eric to be careful since Adam has hurt him in the past. Adam tells Otis that he tried talking tho him about it, but it doesn’t come out right—he doesn’t know how to say the thing he wants to say. Otis asks him why he finds it so hard to do that, and Adam says it’s probably because he didn’t grow up in a “naked” family—aka one that talks about feelings and lays everything bare. Otis suggests that he writes down what he’s thinking to help him articulate what he wants to say out loud. With that, Adam says he’s going, and on his way out, tells outs that he should start wearing normal clothes again. Upstairs, Jean and Jakob are laying in bed, and Jean says that them having sex might have been a bad idea. But Jakob says that he thinks they should be a family, instead of just doing the co-parenting thing.

Maeve, who is at a foster home visiting her sister Elsie, is having tea with the foster mother, Anna, when she mentions that her mother is coming too. Maeve is nervous, because she hasn’t seen her mother since she was arrested. Her mom comes in and goes to hug Elsie, ignoring Maeve. She speaks up and says hi, to which her mother responds, “What’s she doing here?” She begins to yell at her, blaming her for why Elsie is here and for calling the cops on her own mother. Maeve, obviously upset that her mother would treat her like this, grabs her things to leave, but not before her mother can make a final sting, saying, “Nobody wants you here.”

She goes to Isaac’s immediately, and he asks her about Elsie’s new place. She gives him the run down, and seeing that she is upset, he asks her if she wants a hug. Maeve goes to hug him and then kisses him. They pull apart and Isaac, needing to unburden himself, tells Maeve about how the night when the police came, that Otis came by and he hadn’t told Maeve about that. He also tells her that Otis had wanted to talk and left a voicemail, that he had gone into her RV to listen to and delete. Maeve, upset at this betrayal of trust, asks Isaac what the message said. He tells her that Otis said he still had feelings for her and had messed things up.

Isaac immediately begins to apologize, saying that he had been angry about how Maeve had to deal with a bunch of shit and he didn’t like how Otis treated her, and that he doesn’t understand her. Maeve, very hurt, tells Isaac that he doesn’t know her either, because she normally doesn’t trust people, and she trusted him, and he fucked it up. She leaves, and who knows if their friendship will ever be repaired.

We return to Adam, who is now throwing rocks at Eric’s window all rom-com style, and Eric opens the front door to let him and up to his room. Adam, struggling, says, “I’m sorry. I wanna tell you how I feel, but I don’t want you to look at me.” They sit back to back on Eric’s bed, and Adam tells Eric that he doesn’t want to have sex with Eric, he wants Eric to have sex with him (basically, he wants to be on the receiving end). They start to kiss and it transitions to the next morning, the two of them laying in bed together. They wake up and Eric tells Adam that he should leave before his parents see him. He’s able to sneak him out while his mom is on the phone with his grandmother. He gets news that his cousin is getting married, and they’ve been invited to come to Nigeria for the wedding!

Elsewhere, at Collins’s place, he gets a surprise visit from Michael Groff, who had left Peter’s house, and needs somewhere to stay for a bit. Collin lets him in.

At Otis’, he is trying on the purple top Ruby left for him, and doesn’t like it at all, so he puts on one of his own shirts. He goes downstairs, where his mother is making eggs, which she only does when something happened. She tells Otis that her and Jakob are going to try to make it as a family, so she wants Jakob and Ola to move in. Otis says, “Okay, if this is what you want to do, then yeah, I’m fine with it.” A car horn bleeps, signaling Ruby has arrived, but before he steps out, Otis asks him mom if she thinks he’s a casual relationship kind of guy. She thinks that he wants meaningful connection, but that it’s good for him to try different kinds of relationships. After a pause, he then asks her if she can speak with his friend (Aimee) who was sexually assaulted, to which she says of course.

Otis goes outside and Ruby asks why he’s wearing the clothes he’s wearing. He tells her he doesn’t want to change who he is for her, and if she doesn’t like that, then they’re over, for good. “People don’t call it quits with me,” she says, but Otis retorts that they don’t have to if things are kept casual. He inches closer to her, saying that he wants to get to know Ruby better, because she thinks she’s interesting. “Do you mean you want to be my boyfriend?” she asks. “Yeah, I guess so,” he answers. Well, there you have it! Otis and Ruby are now going steady.

At school, Adam goes to see Ms. Sands, and turning his back to her, tells her that he wants to be better at school, and asks for help. She tells him that she will do that for him, and that brings a smile out of Adam.

Outside, Ruby’s clique asks her why Otis isn’t wearing purple, and she responds saying that he can dress how he wants. Otis walks by Maeve and tells her that his mother will talk with Aimee, and slips in that him and Ruby are official. Maeve goes to Aimee, who’s sitting on a bench, and tells her that she was able to get an appointment with Dr. Milburn for her. Aimee thanks her and asks for an update on Isaac, and Maeve says she was wrong about him. “Don’t need a boy when I got you.” (At this moment, the Aimee/Maeve shippers went crazy, I’m sure—I did.) Hope then walks by and asks Maeve why her nose ring is still in and demands for it to be handed over. “Don’t make me ask again, might make me start to think you’re not as smart as people say you are,” she quips as she continues on. Aimee flips her off, and so does everyone watching, because what the fuck?? Hope is becoming less and less cool, and it’s only the second episode.

We get proof of that deteriorating coolness factor when Hope walks by Viv and Jackson and tells them that she noticed the wall wasn’t painted. Jackson tells her that they should save it as a wall of expression and art, since it has history. Hope looks over at Viv and asks her what she thinks about the wall. Viv doesn’t think it represents the school well and that it should be painted over. Hope agrees, and offers her Jackson’s job, to his disbelief. Hope then walks by Anwar and his eccentric outfit with a slight look of disgust and goes into her office to start reading through Jean’s book, which seems to disgust her even more. Then, in an announcement over the loudspeaker, she tells the students that school uniforms will be introduced next week, and that piercings, died hair, and anything else eccentric will be a violation of school uniform. Rahim tells his friends, “See, I told you. It’s never just a line.”

It seems like things are going downward for the students at Moordale. Hope is going to make our characters’ final year what seems to be a living hell. I guess we’ll just have to see what happens next!

Isabel Maina

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